Adding Your Used Sprayer

Cost: Free to Private Individuals. Dealers please contact via email for more information.

We do not take any percentage of sales, it is a platform to connect buyer and seller.

We do not get involved with the sale of the item, and we do not take any responsibility for this.

How Long: It can stay on the site until it is sold. (Please note if we receive feedback from customers about inaccurate information and/or difficulties contacting the owner, the item will be removed)

Edits: Please email any future edits with the relevant stock number.

Sold It: Please inform us when its sold so we can take it down and the price it was sold for so we can add it to the pricing index.

We reserve the right to remove your listing.

The listing must be connected to spraying equipment.

The way it works:

Please send an email to

Please email to a description, your pictures & your contact details that you want to show on the site. We do not accept POA as a price. 

We do not hold these details on a separate database. 

Stock No. Please include a stock no. If you do not have one, Please use your initials - beginning of postcode - machine for sale; type and manufacturer  and the year it was made. :. eg. Joe Bloggs from Stroud with a Self Propelled Bateman from 2002 would be: JBGL5SPB02. Please use this in all correspondence so we can identify your machine. 

Contact: Please note your contact information will be put up on the machine records. Once you notify us the machine has sold, we will delete the listing within 7 days. We do not store your records on any other files. If you do not notify us of a sale, the machine will remain on the site along with you contact details. If, someone else notifies us the machine has been sold, we will notify you and if we have not heard otherwise we will delete the listing within 14 days.