Seller Tips

Dig out your original paperwork.

  • Operating Manual: Very important for the buyer and answering any questions.
  • Invoice: This is the price you can start from


  • Wash your sprayer.
  • Photos: Make sure you take good clear photos, side profiles, any extras
  • You don't need to document everything but at the same time you don't want to have wasted each others time.

Write a description:

  • Original Invoice: This will give you a good description for the sprayer when you purchased it. 
  • Find the serial number plates. Record that information to check and add some details. 
  • State the obvious. Its difficult to tell from a picture about tank sizes and booms. 
  • What features did it have on it that made you buy it
  • What features does it have. (You don't want lots of calls asking you about things it does not have)
  • Be honest about the machine. If its had a few knocks, seen a few trees or had liquid fertiliser in, there is no point in hiding it. When the buyer comes to visit they most likely will find it or you will end up with a return!


Please note this is a guide :

  • Sprayers, if maintained well can go on forever, but as with everything technology moves on and the models change and adapt to new regulations. So think about how to price your machine. Realistically technology and ideas move on and the sprayer model will have been through a couple of revamps.
  • You can add or detract for things like new wheels, special modifications or if you have been a light / heavy user but you need to specify this in the listing.
  • New technology might age quicker and so please amend the figure appropriately. 

Please note, you are posting the figure you want for it, be realistic but expect a bit of haggling!