What to look for


  • Have a good look around it
  • Are there any leaks
  • Is the pump clean
  • Does it sound good
  • Ask and be clear as to what is being sold with it
  • Has it been tested, when was the test and by whom. Remember a test follows a specific set of criteria, and is only applicable at that moment, if its run into a tree in the year, for example the test is still valid.


Look at all 4 motors for any damp that looks like insignificant weeping of oil.

Make sure wheel motors are dry

Any crack on on the top of front axle is a big issue

Make sure wheels are in straight line after full lock in left and right 

Cracks in the main chassis

Back axle should’ve been strengthened

try driving it up a hill to make sure hydraulic pump is still ok


If you have or get any tips, please let us know so we can add it to the page. We want to create a one stop shop for facilitating buying and selling sprayers as easy as possible.